Great location

Most popular landmarks

The Natural Forest with well labeled tree species (MEREHO)
The Omukama (King)'s palace (2 km)
The Katasiha Fort of Omukama Kabalega (Within MEREHO)
The Mparo Kings burial ground (Egasani) (5 km)
Kibiro salt pans (27 km)
Kikonoka Farm, view for Cimpanzees (8.5 km)
Lake Albert fresh water body (27 km at Kibiro)
The Oilfields in the Albertine basin (80 km)
The Uganda Government Refinery area (47 km)
The Hoima-Tanga crude pipeline start of point (53 km)

Miika Eco Resort Hotel is here to take you places

Arrangement of visits to selected and memorable sites throughout the Albertine region together, Miika Eco Resort Hotel is gladly able to arrange visits to the various sites of real interest to our guest, throughout the Albertine Region of Uganda

Though at Miika Eco Resort Hotel, our guests can plan trips to long-distance sites of their choice, a brief guide is highlighted below, to enable our guests to make their choices with much more ease.

  1. The Great East African Rift Valley situated 27 km at Kibiro, and 60 km on Kaiso-Tonya Road
  2. Lake Albert fresh water body situated 27 km at Kibiro
  3. River Nile entrance in Lake Albert
  4. Mountain Rwenzori
  5. Kaiso-Tonya Game Reserve
  6. Murchison Falls or Kabalega National Park
  7. Bugoma Equotorial Natural Forest
  8. Budongo Equotorial Natural Forest
  9. Bujawe Forest reserve on Kaiso-Tonya road
  10. Kinyara Sugar industry
  11. Hoima Sugar
  12. Albertine water

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