Local Attractions & Nearby Places to visit

Conservation Areas
  • The natural forest with well labeled tree species
  • Kikonoka Farm, view for chimpanzees
  • Bujawe Forest Reserve on Kaiso-Tonya Road
  • Budongo Equotorial Natural Forest
  • Bugoma Equotorial Natural Forest
  • Murchison Falls / Kabalega National Park
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Striking Physical Features
  • The Great East African Rift Valley
  • Lake Albert fresh water body - 27km at kibiro
  • River Nile entrance in Lake Albert
  • Mountain Rwenzori
  • Murchison Falls / Kabalega National Park
  • Kaiso-Tonya Game Reserve
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Strong Emerging Economic Centres
  • The oilfields in the Albertine basin
  • The Uganda Government Refinery area
  • The Hoima-Tanga crude pipeline startoff point
  • Kinyara Sugar Industry
  • Hoima Sugar
  • Albertine water
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